Green Lion MFI Mono Earphone with Lightning Connector

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Green Mono Earphones with Lightning Connector. The Green lion mono earphone is a useful tool to conduct calls while staying connected with the surroundings. It is specially designed having super high-resolution audio and good voice quality. Additionally, some people need to manage several things at the same time that’s why they are going to choose mono earphones so that they can think and decide more efficiently. It is compatible with every Apple lightning device. It is surely and truly Durable, Safe, and Secure. The impedance for this earphone would be 32%±15%Ω. If we want to list its function, we can point to several things like Receive /Decline Calls, and playing/Pausing/Skip Music. Control Volume and activate Siri. Yes! it is correct you can control the volume through Siri on your Apple phones or iPads.

Color: White