Haloblk STATION 3 in 1 Package For Tesla Y/3

Sale price Dhs. 485.00

HALOSTATION 3 in 1 Package For Tesla Y/3 

HALOSTATION + 1 Phone Mount +magsafe charger

HALOBLK Station Integration

HALOBLK Station ensures that multiple devices can be used concurrently without interference.

Screen Expansion Solutions

Cater to every need with our customizable combinations. The screen expansion solution offers versatility for every Tesla owner

Inspired by Picatinny Rails

Innovatively designed, our system allows for effortless customization. Inspired by Picatinny rails, it provides freedom to mix and match as per your needs.

HaloStation Phone Mount

Adopting a cutting-edge cyberpunk design, our mount features multi-axis adjustability and a floating design for an elevated aesthetic and functionality.