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Referring to the famous Spanish building Casa Mila, it incorporates modern technological aesthetics and focuses on stylish and practical design. The stand is specially designed for mobile phones, with extra-large openings to enhance the cooling capacity of the mobile phone. The base has a new rotation locking function. The user can adjust it to the desired angle and twist it to lock it, so that you can watch videos stably at different angles.

Designed for large-screen mobile phones | Supports mobile phones from small to large screens

Aluminum alloy + large opening | Further optimize the performance of heat conduction and heat dissipation

Non-slip design | Hold portable devices securely

Foldable design | Does not take up much space, easy to carry and store

360° rotation | Provides a comfortable viewing angle for your smartphone

Rotation lock | Adjust to the right angle, twist and lock

Compatible size: up to 7 inches

Angle range: 0-100° (panel), 0-50° (support bar), 0°-360° (chassis)

Support weight: 800kg±50kg

Material: Aluminum alloy+carbon steel+silicone+POM

Size: 106 x 113 x 35mm (folded), 106 x 113 x 143mm (folded)

Weight: 301g±10g