Momax GOLink USB-C Apple Watch Charger

Sale price Dhs. 199.00

Built-in strong magnetic adsorption module, charging immediately after contact. Apple Watch magnetic charger comes with USB-C charging port

Provides raw charging speed for your Apple Watch, it only takes 2~3 hours to fully charge your Apple Watch. Plug the Apple Watch Wireless Charger into your computer, outlet or power bank and start charging anywhere.

You can carry this Apple Watch charger more easily instead of using a long cord and oversized charger stand. Slide the portable charger into your pocket or hang it on your bag. This car charger for Apple Watch is perfect for the outdoors and travel.

No need for extra charging cables - get rid of tangled wires! The wireless design makes it easier to carry this charger without worrying about tangled and knotted charging cables.

It has built-in overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit and overtemperature protection to provide a safe environment for iWatch and chargers. Compatible with all series of Apple Watch (Apple Watch 44mm 42mm 40mm 38mm).