Momax IFAN Flow 10" Portable Telescopic Fan - White

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IFAN Flow Portable Telescopic Fan

- The house is not big, and home appliances must be flexible and not "hard-necked." Take the fan as an example. The most important thing is "being able to bend and stretch". The thinnest is thinner than A4, and the height can rise to 3 feet. Space-saving and practical. With 4 speeds of high-speed wind, it can be operated wirelessly for 10 hours and can be placed flexibly.

1. Folding design, easy to store, and can also be carried with you.
2. Four wind speeds, strong winds and natural patterns.
3. The telescopic bracket can reach up to 3.3 feet, and the table or floor can be used.
4. Flexible air supply: 90 degree swing, 180 degree elevation angle.
5. The fan cover can be removed with one screw, easy to clean.
6. Mute operation.
7. Optional 1/2/4/8 hour timer shutdown.
8. USB-C can be charged, no need to purchase an adapter.
9. Safety design, automatic shutdown of foreign body detection.


- Input power: 5V 2A
- Charging time: 5 hours
- Operating time: 4-10 hours (depending on wind speed)
- Noise level: 15, 20, 25+/-dB
- Adjustable height: 1013mm (~3.3 feet)
-Size: (10") 250 x 125mm (folded)
-Weight: 1690g +/-100g