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Designed for children to study at school or at home, the stand adopts adjustable arms to facilitate the product to adapt to different viewing angles. The height can be freely raised and lowered according to the needs of use, so that children can maintain a good sitting posture and reduce visual discomfort during use. This learning stand offers a removable panel that can be used as a personal reading or work stand, allowing you to get the most out of your tablets without resting it in your hand or placing it on a desk.ย 

Designed for multi-scenario use | Can be used from reading, drawing, writing to computer office

Detachable design | Detachable bracket for easy storage

Non-slip design | Hold portable devices securely

Multi-angle adjustment | free lifting, split and combination can hover at different angles

Elastic clip | can hold books and masterpieces up to 25mm


Tilting angle (With supporting rod): 0-60 degrees

Tilting angle (Stand alone): 27-97 degreesย 

Supporting adjustable height: 220-300mm

Supporting weight: Up to 10kg

Adjustable height: Up to 16 inches

Size: 330*250*300mm

Weight: 764g