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- Hold Your Phone On Wall | Car mount can securely hold your phone on wall, allowing you to conveniently view notifications, answer calls, watch videos, or participate in video conferences. This improves work efficiency and keeps your phone or tablet in an upright position, saving desktop space.

- Adjustable Viewing Angles | The horizontal rotation design enables easy adjustment of the phone's angle and direction to accommodate different usage scenarios and preferences. You can freely rotate and adjust the mount to obtain the optimal view and user experience.

- Magnetic Convenience | The magnetic feature makes installation and removal of the smartphone quick and easy. Simply bring the phone close to the mount, and it will automatically snap into place, eliminating the need for complex adjustments or setups.

- Secure and Reliable | Magnetic car mounts provide a strong magnetic force, ensuring that the phone remains securely attached to the mount. Even on bumpy or rough roads, the phone is less likely to fall off or be dislodged.
Color: Titanium