Paperlike Grip Apple Pencil Dual Pack Silicon White

Sale price Dhs. 95.00

Achieve better focus and accuracy when drawing and writing with your iPad and Apple Pencil.

When you order your set of Paperlike Pencil Grips, you'll receive a set of tools specifically engineered to help you improve your writing and drawing experience.

  • The Maximum Comfort Grip is perfect for long writing or drawing sessions and is designed to reduce fatigue and hand cramps.
  • The Maximum Precision Grip offers better stroke precision and accuracy anytime you need to make sure that every line is perfect.

Because you'll get both grips when you place your order, you can choose the grip that works best based on your needs.

Experience excellent comfort, precision, and improved performance every time you pick up your Apple Pencil.

  • Made for Apple Pencil (1st & 2nd Generation)
  • Improves stroke precision
  • Reduces grip fatigue
  • Maximizes comfort
  • Works with Double Tap Gesture
  • Compatible with magnetic charging