Porodo 3in1 Multi-type Socket with AC USB-A Type C UK - White

Sale price Dhs. 59.00

3-IN-1 Travel Adapter:

This versatile electrical plug adapter comes equipped with two AC
outlets, one USB-A port, and one USB-C 2.4A port, along with an
integrated night light. This compact design eliminates the need to
carry an additional power adapter and power strip. The adapter's
maximum capacity supports up to 2500 Watts (maximum 250 Volts,
10 Amps). The USB ports provide up to 2.4A per port with a combined
total of 5V/2.4A across both USB ports

Multi Plug Outlet with Night Light:

The travel adapter includes a night light with three adjustable brightness
settings, providing a gentle and adequate illumination to ensure safety
and comfort in dark environments. The night light can be turned on
or off manually to suit your requirements, whether at home or while
Note: The side-mounted On/Off button on the travel adapter is designed
for convenient control of the night light feature.