Porodo Lifestyle Outdoor 5W Flashlight with Foldable Stand - Black/Sandy Brown

Sale price Dhs. 79.00

The Porodo 2-in-1 Outdoor Flashlight offers High-Intensity light of up to 250 lumens which is bright enough to light up to 20 meters. The flashlight is your outdoor best friend with its extended battery capacity of 2000mAh which can work for 3 to 7 hours before it discharges. The flashlight can be easily recharged using the Type-C port for your next outdoor experience. Also, the flashlight is lightweight making it very easy and compact to carry around without feeling any excessive weight. Finally, the torch uses premium material such as ABS, TPR and aluminum which makes it reliable and durable.


  • 270 Degrees Foldable
  • Outdoor Flashlight
  • Charging Interface
  • LED Lights
  • Hook Hanger
  • Magnetic Lock
  • Outdoor Essential