Porodo LifeStyle Vacuum Fresh Portable Juicer & Smoothie Blender 380mL 1500mAh

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The Porodo Lifestyle Juice & Smoothie Blender Vacuum Fresh Portable is an exceptional blender known for its power and versatility in making a wide range of healthy and refreshing drinks. What sets this portable blender apart is not only its lightweight and transparent design, but also its impressive functionality, making it a favorite among users. With a capacity of 380 ml, this blender is perfectly suited for individuals looking to enjoy their favorite beverages on the go. Its stainless-steel blades are not only durable, but also incredibly powerful, effortlessly cutting through fruits, vegetables, and even ice. On the other hand, with a rapid blade rotation of 1800 RPM, the blender efficiently mixes all the ingredients in the blink of an eye. One noteworthy feature of this blender is its vacuum function, which helps preserve the nutrients and flavors of the ingredients. Additionally, the portable appliance is equipped with a 1500mAh built-in battery, allowing you to blend enough juice or smoothie for up to 10 cups on a single charge.


  • Battery voltage:7.4V 
  • Charging input:5W 5V/1 
  • Charging interface USB-C 
  • Motor speed:1800 RPM 
  • Capacity:380ml 
  • Charging time:3Hours


  • Vacuum Fresh Portable Juice & Smoothie Blender  
  • 1500mAh Built-in Battery 
  • 18000 RPM Motor Speed 
  • 3 Hours Charging Time 
  • Stainless Steel Blades 
  • 7.4V Battery Voltage  
  • 10 Cups Full Charge  
  • 380ml Capacity