Powerology 15W Square Magnetic Wireless Fast Charging Pad with Airvent & Suction Mountand Car Charger - Black

Sale price Dhs. 179.00

Features :

  1. Facilitates easier one-handed operation by securely holding the device in place.
  2. Integrates a semiconductor chilling plate and a cooling fan that activate when wireless charging begins, enhancing the efficiency by simultaneously cooling the charging coil and the phone surface. The chilling plate ceases operation once the phone is detached. 
  3. Features a green RGB light that remains on to indicate the charger is powered but inactive.
  4.  The fan’s lights change colors progressively, and the light will turn off once the device is disconnected from the charger.
  5.  the foreign object detection (FOD) feature automatically halts charging and prevents power output if metal or magnetic objects are detected on the charging surface.
  6.  Offers robust defense against over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuits to ensure safe charging.