Powerology Crystalline Series Powerbank 20000mAh PD 65W - Transparent/Grey

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Powerology 20000mAh Crystalline Series Power Bank is an aesthetic, multi-port and high-capacity power source. With 20000mAh battery capacity, and PD65W Power Delivery Technology, it is able to fast-charge your devices for multiple times without needing to be re-charged. Also, it has a digital display to inform you about its built-in battery status. In order to support simultaneous fast charging ability, it is provided with 2 USB-C PD65W and 1 USB-A output supported with Power Dash 3.0 Technology. The transparent visual design allows you to view the internal components, providing a unique and visually appealing look of its technology. 


  • Dual USB-C 
  • Power dash 3.0 
  • 20000mAh 
  • PD 65W 
  • Display


  • Battery: Li-ion 20000 mAh / 74Wh 
  • Input: USB-C1 PD 65W 5V / 3A 9V / 3A 12V / 3A 15V / 3A 20V / 3.25A 
  • USB-C1 Output: PD 65W 5V / 3A 9V / 3A 12V / 3A 15V / 3A 20V / 3.25A 
  • USB-C2 Output: PD 20W DC 5V / 3A 9V / 2.22A 12V / 1.67A 
  • USB-A Output: QC DC 5V / 3A 9V / 2A 12V / 1.5A 
  • SCP DC: 10V / 2.25A 22.5W Max